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Early life of Indonesian society

Early life of Indonesian society is divided into two eras, namely:
1.                        Past life and the hunting and gathering
·        Community life during the hunting and gathering still very simple
·        They eat the food provided by nature
·        Food obtained by hunting, gathering the fruits, potatoes, and fish
·        The person who died was considered going to a better placeThe period of time is called food gathering (seek and gather food) with living systems Sedentary (nomadic)

2.                        Past life raising and farming
·        Early human life at the time of settling and farming took place in the Neolithic
·        The results of mass culture in the form of settling and farming tools of everyday life that have been made ​​and finely honed
·        They had a sedentary life
·        They are able to store their crops for a long time.
·        Has been producing livestock
·        sedentary life, farming, livestock breeding, and production (food producing).

The belief system
1.            Belief in the Spirit Ancestors
·        The person who died was considered going to a better place
·        People began to think that the people who died in contrast to those who are still alive
·        Human skeleton in burial caves is a form of homage to those who died
·        tribute to the people who have gone or homage to the spirit
·        Results of cultural relics from the time of planting, a megalithic buildings with its function as a place of worship / reverence for ancestral spirits
·        Provision granting the tomb intended as a provision in another world

2.            Characteristically confidence Animism
·        public trust in an object that is considered to have a spirit or soul
·        Many people who believe that the heirloom keris has a spirit, so things like that are considered to give a clue about things evolving in the community
3.            Characteristically confidence Dynamism
·        belief that every object has magical powers
·        Inspired by the experience in question. For example, a stone ring is seen to have the power to weaken the opponent
4.            Characteristically confidence Monoisme
·        belief in God Almighty
·        Human mind has begun to evolve, so that people believe that Almighty God is the creator of the universe and its contents
Technology Developments and Early Belief Systems Society in Indonesia
·        Technological developments in Indonesia began in perundagian, beginning with intelligence pouring metal
·        To melt the metal and the tools necessary to make a specific ways previously unknown. Metal must be heated to its melting point, and then molded into tools necessary
·        While expanding metal era in Indonesia, stone culture is not extinct even both to grow and remain employed

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